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Train every muscle at the same time

Strong Back, Get in Shape, Six Pack AbsSEE HOW IT WORKS

Training with Plankpad strengthens your entire body: Arms, shoulders, back, abs, glutes and legs are trained simultaneously.

Plank workout is fun

Your core muscles are very important for every move you make. Prevent backpain and get a better posture easily with Plankpad.

A strong core is the foundation of everything. Stay motivated, get in shape and gain confidence while having fun using the Plankpad.

Doing exercises is a key element for your optimal health. Six pack abs are a nice side effect from training with the app.


Your Interactive Bodyweight Trainer

Plankpad combines a fitness device with games and workouts on your smartphone or tablet. It is the perfect solution if you want to train your whole body. Planking is one of the most effective workouts. It will get you in shape, make you lose fat and gain muscles, even prevent backpain and can also relieve it. Plankpad makes the plank workout more dynamic and way more fun.

The very effective plank exercise strengthens the entire body. Arms, shoulders, back, abs, glutes and legs are trained simultaneously and highly efficient.

Plankpad comes with a fitting app with many games and workouts. Your training is much more fun. The app is synchronized with the Plankpad. The movements you perform control the games and workouts. The playful training distracts you and makes you last much longer during the exercises.

Plank workout is fun

Balance Board Usage

The Plankpad can also be used as a Balance Board for:

  • Working your lower muscles out
  • Increasing your body balance
  • Better motor coordination
  • Faster reaction time
  • Stronger stability
  • and to prevent injuries

Train on the big screen - against friends & family

Connected your mobile device with your smart TV to surf or ski on your Plankpad. Enjoy a big screen experience and play against friends and family.

Children need lots of movement – and Plankpad helps them to improve the balance and strengthens the entire body.

Plankpad as balance board for the whole family
Plankpad App
1. Download and start the Plankpad app
App placed on Plankpad
2. Place your smartphone on the Plankpad
Many games
3. Choose one of many plank games & workout
Interactive plank workout
4. Start your workout and get a strong core

The Plankpad app comes with many games & workouts

Plankpad App details

There is a game for everyone and soon there will be more

The Games

Plankpad comes with a fitting app with many games and workouts. The app is synchronized with the Plankpad. The movements you perform control the games.

The app and the gyroscope of your mobile device are in perfect sync with the Plankpad. There is a game for everyone like, Candy Monster, Duck Shoot, Pong Goal, Meteor Madness, Wave Rider, and Snow Cruisin’. And in the future, there will be even more.

The games will challenge you to collect more and more points and you will forget about the time. By playing a game, your focus is more into the game than on counting every second. This makes you plank much longer, reaching your goals faster while the time flies by having fun.

Now the game is up to you!

Strengthen your core, build muscles, eliminate back pain and get a six-pack in no time, thanks to the Plankpad!

Playing games and planking

The Plank Workouts

The Plankpad app includes a special workout section with various exercises. Videos are showing many different variations of the plank exercise that need to be followed.

The workouts support a more dynamic plank training for more advanced users.

You just need to follow the exercises on the screen and try to keep a correct posture. If you lose the plank position, the app will notice and give you as hint on keeping a better balance.

It is a good idea to start with the games because the workouts are way more intense and are aimed primarily for more advanced users.

Different plank workouts

The Plank Challange

Also included in the Plankpad app is a 30 day challange to keep you motivated. Every day there are 3 sets with different timings. It starts easy and every day it get’s a bit harder.

Your will experience how fast your body will adapt to the exercise and every day you can hold the plank a bit longer. Soon you can feel and see the results of this short but intense full bodyweight training.

Plankpad comes together with a poster showing an exercise plan with 12 different plank positions you can do on the Plankpad. Once you are done with the challange in the standard plank, you can choose one of the more intense plank positions.

Keep on going and soon you will see awesome results!

Plankpad Box with poster

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